Special drill-reamers for composites


Patented geometry - Award winning.

Golden Line

Unika® is the patented drill-reamer specifically developed for drilling composite materials in One-Shot, with or without pre-hole!

This award-winning revolutionary tool helps you reduce cycle-time and hole-cost dramatically!

Thanks to the special engineered geometry, Unika® allows for an easier and effortless drilling process.

Currently used in gobal assembly programs of Boeing and Airbus.

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High Tech

Tool Features


  • CFRP: all types, eg., fabric (with optional copper net), unidirectional, etc.
  • GFRP
  • Aramid fibers (e.g., Kevlar®)


  • Manual
  • Automatic



Why choose HTT?

Benefits of using HTT solutions


This special geometry was granted an international patent.


One solution that replaces multiple tools, for One-Shot applications.

Long Tool Life

Our goal is to provide solutions with longer tool life.

Cost Benefit

HTT tools are specifically engineered for helping reduce the cost-per-hole.

Cycle Time Reduction

HTT special geometries with tailored cutting data help reduce job time.

Respect for Nature

HTT respects the nature by reducing emissions and using renewable energy.

Customize your tools

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