Maximize the Tool-life

Resharpening and Regeneration

HTT’s resharpening and reconditioning services can guarantee longer tool life to your cutting tools.

Through state-of-the-art CNC grinding machines HTT will restore your tools to their original sharpening condition and quality, and recoat if required.

Tool resharpening services can help you gain a longer tool life. HTT will handle the logistics for you, this way we will guarantee a constant turnaround on a predefined time schedule.

Resharpening and Regeneration - HTT High Tech Tools

The tool resharpening service is fast and accurate, in order to guarantee the maximum benefits, in terms of longer tool-life and savings.

Pickup and delivery will be free of charge and will be scheduled according to your requirements. HTT will also pick-up the unresharpable tools.

Why Choose HTT?

Main Benefits

Restore Your Tools

Gain Longer Tool Life

Buy Less New Tools

Keep Constant Results

Save Money

Optimize Cost-per-hole

Resharpening Process

Pick Up and Delivery

The resharpening service is carried out through the implementation of «rotable» boxes dedicated to single codes, free of charge.

HTT manages the pick up and delivery of such boxes, according to a prearranged time schedule (monthly, etc.) calculated on the amount of pieces to resharp.

HTT can provide just in time and on call services, as well.

Resharpening and Regeneration - HTT High Tech Tools

In a few years through the resharpening and coating services HTT managed to increase the quantity of regenerated tools against the quantity of new ones guaranteeing long tool life and product quality.